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Between Two Clouds

Today is November 14, 2012… and Auckland witnessed a solar eclipse of around 85% of the sun being blocked by the moon. Because it’s Springtime here, we have lots of cloud, rain and wind. BUT fortunately, just at the time that the eclipse reached its peak, two rather large rain clouds provided a little gap for our viewing pleasure. So I got my old camera out along with my cheap zoom lens and stood in the cold wind, wearing two pairs of sunglasses, pointing my camera at the disappearing sun, (albeit still burning my retinas) and took this series of photos.

10:30AM. The eclipse was already well on its way by the time I got outside to snap pics…


10:43AM. This is about as clear as they sky got… still some cloud obscuring the view, but not a bad result considering my shonky equipment.


10:50AM. This is at the peak of the eclipse.

10:59AM. The clouds are thickening up… but it does make it easier to take the photo.

10:59AM. About to go behind another big black cloud.

Murphy’s Law would have it that as soon as the eclipse was over, the sky turned blue and it started warming up. Typical Auckland weather!

PS: My eyes are still seeing white blotches after that… I wouldn’t recommend it.



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