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My Chevron Osteotomy

Three days ago I had bunion surgery. I’m 43 years old and my bunion was causing me some discomfort which was becoming a constant little nag. I have medical insurance so I figured I’d go get the nag dealt with before it starts getting worse, and more unsightly.



My nag has turned into a gigantic, booming throb! Now I know this is only temporary, but for anyone out there who is thinking of bunion surgery, think again!

I went into this quite blind in retrospect. I had done research about the surgery itself and what was involved, but not once did I google, “pain after bunion surgery”. Had I done so, I may have reconsidered this altogether – or at least postponed it until my children grown out of the “climbing all over their mother, bouncing on the bed” stage. It seems I’m not the only person on the planet who post-surgery is going, “OMG THIS HURTS LIKE BILIO!”

Surgeon casually announces, “It will be quite sore for a day or two, once the ankle block wears off”.

Quite sore.

Then proceeds to tell me, “Because it’s your right foot, you probably won’t be able to drive for 6 weeks, and may need to wear a special shoe for 3-6 months.”

Special shoe. Whatever!

For now I shall enjoy the sleepy effects of morphine and codeine, which is the only positive to this agony (clearly the pain is THAT bad that even with morphine and codeine it’s still “quite sore”).

If stronger drugs existed, I’d ask for them.

Better still, put me in an induced coma for six weeks and wake me up when it’s over.


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